„I should work some more on it.“

„This meal is not 100% healthy enough yet.“

„That dad is so much more dedicated to their children.“

„This kid’s mom can work from home and is always there for him when he comes from school.“

„I should have left a better impression.“

Familiar feelings? – The constant urge and desire to be better, smarter, nicer, more influential. The never-ending feeling that maybe what I did, prepared, offered or sent out is not yet good enough.

Meeting people in all kinds of surroundings and under various circumstances, I have noticed that the tendency not to be satisfied with oneself primarily with the focus on „I’m not yet good enough“, is disturbingly too wide-spread.

The roots of this feeling go back to comparing ourselves to others. And this is a very slippery road. Firstly, we have no idea what is really happening in the life of another family behind the closed doors. Nor can we be sure that the message of the fellow presenter got through to the audience better than ours. In addition, always, somewhere there is someone who is a better cook, more dedicated work-out fan, more experienced manager or convincing specialist.

I would like to cite an inspirational woman I know – Sigrid Petoffer from NGO Oma Pere, who once said: „Children do not need ideal parents. A child needs parents, who are good enough.“ I would like to add – good enough today, in this situation and Under these circumstances.

So, please, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy life already today, knowing, that here and now you already are absolutely 100% „GOOD ENOUGH“!