Mihkel, 30.Head of Department.

Today Mihkel is the Head of the Department of Culture and Sports in a municipality. Prior to that he worked as a producer in an event marketing agency. Along with changing his professional challenge, Mihkel also moved from the capital city to a smaller community.

“When I started working with Annika, I didn’t know exactly what I really wanted nor what direction I was heading to. Annika took me into small pieces, meanwhile directing me to find my own answers and make my own decisions.
Together we came across a number of solutions and ideas that seemed to be right, but they didn’t always prove to be the final solutions. I thought I wanted something, but this wish was perhaps due to what surrounded me; what was my daily perception of life and, also, towards what society was pushing me.
As soon as we were able (yes, together) to let go of what the society was expecting from us, the real opening happened. I feel that, thanks to Annika, I have reached the place where I really want to be in my professional and private life. I feel that, thanks to Annika, we succeeded in defining my focus for the future.
Coaching is something that has been very useful to me (at least in my opinion). It has helped me out of the hole I had got stuck in as well as took me out of my comfort zone. This is something that has made me want to become a better person and leave behind a green footprint.
Thank you, Annika, for this journey! Thank you for being on this journey with us!”

Grete, 27.Entrepreneur.

At the beginning of our cooperation, Grete was looking for a concrete answer to the question: “What job to get as the next one?”. Quite quickly, we found that this is not the key issue that needs to be solved. Grete was ready to work with herself layer by layer; to be painfully honest, and, as a result of this process she did not only find answers to the question “What work could I do?”, but evolved impressively as an individual, moving in the sweet direction of joy, peace and self-realization. Today Grete is an entrepreneur whose environmentally friendly and wonderfully branded (by Grete herself!) thatch straws is a compulsory element of all noteworthy festivals. Grete also literally moved back to her roots, closing the stage of living in the capital city Tallinn. At least for now.

“The attempt to shortly summarize the change I have gone through thanks to Annika is almost impossible. Especially in a way that it would appear serious and not have the effect of being a big pink bubble. But let’s try …
Many of us have been somewhere in a deep dark place. I was there too. I didn’t know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be. Even when I had a slight revelation, my self-confidence was strongly on a minus side. I wasn’t satisfied neither with my material nor spiritual situation, not to mention my relationship. In fact, with myself. I believe that meeting Annika has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. Why? Because thanks to her, I got back the control over my life.
Annika is professional, concrete, honest and very caring. A person I respect and who makes me want to keep my promises. It would be very embarrassing to come to the next session without having fulfilled these promises.
Working together with Annika (You still have to do all your work by yourself!), you shall discover the way to yourself – and she is a wonderful guide! And not so much spiritually. She will give you real tools for reaching your goals; for eliminating the paths not suitable for you; for coping with complicated personal or work relationships, and she encourages you to take the steps that you’ve so far have not dared to take.
My first session was only 5 months ago.Today, I have moved from the capital city to a small house by the sea on the island of Saaremaa. I started my own business and I am in a very happy relationship. I don’t even remember at which point in my life so far I have been able to say – I am HAPPY. And all this thanks to Annika! Thank you!”

Heidy, 31.Manager

I had the great opportunity to work with Heidy parallelly through individual and group-coaching formats. Heidy, who at the time was working as a specialist, took the first bold step and joined the “Young Leaders’” coaching group. At that moment, neither Heidy me nor other participants in the group knew what a high-speed flight Heidy would take in a few months when the opportunity to apply for the manager’s position opened. Heidy did it and she did it successfully. And, thus, her initial vision with which we started our individual work “To become the manager of the company I work for in one year.” came true in half the time. But that was not a lucky strike, but Heidy’s conscious self-governance, dedication to the opportunities of self-development and the courage to risk and make a fast and life-changing decision!

“My employer offered me a great opportunity to join group coaching, that was a completely unknown learning style for me. In a short time, I received yet another chance in the form of 1:1 coaching. This was a life-changing experience, honestly. Based on the feedback I received to my thoughts and activities, I began to define personal goals which, unexpectedly for myself, turned into a desire to become a manager of an advertising agency. I learned new things about myself, I learned how to draw up action plans by trying them out myself.
And most importantly, I now know how to ask myself as well as other questions, that help to reach the desired goals.
Yes, I am now the manager of an agency! In 4 months, I wanted more out of my life than ever before and I was able to see both my good and bad sides and take advantage of them. I recommend coaching for all those who have lived for too long in the same day, and who don’t know exactly what life has yet to offer. Thank you, Annika!”